9 Insights to Make Your EDC a Digital Marketing Powerhouse

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9 Insights to Make Your EDC a Digital Marketing Powerhouse

The corporate location process has become a digital arms race.

Site consultants and corporate executives predetermine your area’s qualifications for their project before they ever contact you, by accessing your digital assets (search engine results, web sites, mobile sites, blogs, social media, and other digital assets representing your brand and your market). If your digital presence falls short; if it is made up of a hodge-podge of tactics or is lacking a cohesive strategy, your EDC may be eliminated from the site selection process in favor of an EDC with a more informed digital presence – often without you even knowing.

According to Area Development magazine, a leading executive magazine covering corporate site selection and relocation, nearly 70 percent of corporate executives utilize digital platforms for their site and planning process. As these corporate executives increasingly turn to your digital assets for their evaluation process, your EDC would be wise to improve its digital presence. To remain competitive in this digital arms race and increase your digital arsenal, ask yourself these questions to gain 9 insights into your digital platform.

  1. Is my EDC digital brand well established and modern or in need of change?
  2. Are my website and social media properties brand-consistent? User friendly? Responsive? Informative?
  3. Are we getting qualified traffic to our website and social media properties?
  4. Can we correlate our online inquiries to a specific campaign or digital marketing tactic?
  5. Can we score and distinguish between a “digital window shopper” and a qualified lead?
  6. How do we currently nurture leads, using digital profiles, into qualified projects?
  7. Do we know how and when to retarget with a different sales message?
  8. Can we better leverage the valuable time of our recruitment team by using smart data analytics?
  9. What does our lead hand-off process look like?  Is it easy to monitor and score?


Maintaining a seamlessly connected digital platform will give your EDC increased strength and exposure in the digital arms race to influence corporate executives. If your EDC recognizes a gap in any of the nine insights, now is the time to ramp up. The same AreaDevelopment magazine survey reported that the information gathering process starts at least one to two years out. By adopting an up to date digital marketing strategy today, your EDC will be better prepared to vie for the next big announcement.

The digital arms race in economic development marketing is on a rapid trajectory, as more EDCs recognize that their clients are digitally savvy researchers. To make sure you’re relevant in this competitive site selection process, your EDC needs to evaluate your digital marketing and platforms regularly.

If you are interested in identifying your EDC’s digital strengths and gaps or receiving more information on digital marketing, contact USDM about building your digital roadmap to success.




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