Digital Travel Trends and Takeaways – July 2018

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From The Travel Marketer’s Guide to the US Digital Travel Landscape

Travelers have higher recall of online ads that feature visuals or a price-oriented message. More than half of all travelers who recalled seeing travel ads on highly visual platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest said those ads were very or extremely influential. General search platforms also rated relatively high.

Brands spend 61% of their marketing budgets on online channels to make themselves visible to travelers.

Online travel brands allocate 73% of their spend to digital.

USDM Take-Away:  The data clearly show that people are spending more time on digital media and less time with traditional media, and the marketing dollars are following.   This is especially true for the travel industry.  What percentage of your budget is still allotted to broadcast, print and outdoor advertising?  Is that your best choice?  Have you aligned or updated your strategy for Google Search, Social Media, Mobile and Content Marketing into a solid strategy that maximizes cross-marketing efforts and brings you engaged prospects? Every day, USDM Digital® helps businesses develop new audiences, identify them, engage them and then follow the customer journey to realize more and better conversions and return on their marketing dollars.  To learn more about why and how to update your marketing in today’s digital world, contact us at  It’s all about your current state vs. future state. You give us your vision and we will help you devise the winning strategy. Our Digital Gap Analysis® uncovers your missed opportunities. Our Digital Strategy Playbook® leverages competitive market intelligence and business insights to build your strategic marketing plan. It’s your vision.  We help make it a reality.


From eMarketer Report:  US Ad Spending

Nearly half (48.6 percent) of US paid media ad spending will go to digital channels.  The U.S. paid media spending will total $220.96 billion in 2018, with 48.6% of outlays going to digital channels.  Mobile formats, especially display, will be the largest driver of total media ad growth, while expenditures on TV and print media will decline.

Mobile will account for 69.9% of all digital advertising this year, driven by display ads.

Mobile Ad Spending to Surpass TV in 2018.  Mobile will pass TV as the leading advertising medium with a 33.9% share of total US ad spend.

Overall, mobile advertising will grow more than three times faster than total media this year, 23.5% vs. 6.6%. Transitioning competition from traditional to mobile formats is leading to escalating ad prices as brands vie for mobile placements.

For the first time, we forecast that TV will account for less than one-third (31.6%) of total ad spending. TV, along with all of traditional media, will continue to lose share to digital advertising throughout the foreseeable future.

TV ad spending will drop 0.5% to $69.87 billion. And it will continue to slip

Newspapers and magazines combined will account for less than 10% of total media ad spending.

USDM Take-Away:  Consumers spend a lot of time on mobile devices searching for content, shopping, and buying.  They receive and share ideas, inspirations, and recommendations on engaging social and visual platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.  This Mobile+Social environment is today’s premier marketplace for engaging your customers and warrants a customized, integrated mobile strategy.

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