Digital Travel Trends and Takeaways – November 2018

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Trend:  As social media becomes a sales channel in addition to a marketing channel for conferences, events, and even attractions, being able to reach customers on the social apps they use most will take on increased importance.  Snapchat has integrated with concert and sports ticket reseller SeatGeek to sell tickets on its platform. Instagram, as well, has introduced connectivity with Eventbrite to sell tickets through the Instagram app.  Young professionals, in particular, are likely to be active users of Instagram and Snapchat, even if they don’t use them as frequently during work hours.   Platforms will become more interconnected, so being able to reach customers on the social apps they use most will take on increased importance.  This is just the beginning of a wider shift in how consumer research and buy online, and everyone across the meetings and events sector should start paying attention.  — Skift Research

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Make sure you incorporate social media platforms in your budget to drive attendance at conference or ticket sales to events or attractions.  They can assist you in placement to target the right audience.

Trend:  Knowing, planning, and implementing your travel customers’ online journey can improve your success significantly and cost-effectively because different tactics excel at different points in their journey.  Mobile search and social, YouTube visits, email contacts, Reviews all play a critical role.  The travel marketer who is there to meet travel planners along the way is the one to most likely to get the booking. –Think With Google

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Journey optimization – powered by the right technology and approach – can provide tremendous benefit to businesses including upsell & cross-sell, retention, and customer satisfaction.  Data analytics of current and potential travel customers can provide you with a map of where they go and what they do (journey mapping) while researching and planning a trip and infuse journeys with real-time decision-making.  To learn more, contact us at

Trend:  Mobile search will yield ground to voice search.  Just as the convenience of mobile smartphones have come to dominate search behavior, ComScore now predicts that more than 50 percent of searches will be voice-based by 2020.  Are you getting ready? — Comscore

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Technology innovations continually drive changes in consumer behavior.  Smart marketers monitor this progress and seize new opportunities to place themselves before customers ahead of their competition.


Trend:  Search Receives the Majority of Travel and Hospitality Digital Ad Spend.  According to Econsultancy and Adobe data, as cited by eMarketer, 54% of spend goes towards search, 40% goes towards display, and the remaining 6% is split between other channels (social was not broken out).

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Search is the obvious, simplest tactic, but allotting budget for data analytics, journey mapping, social media, video, and retargeting significantly increases response and improves ROI on your digital media investment.  A thorough, integrated approach excels.  Want a better plan that you can execute?  contact us at

Trend:  Video Views Improve Internet Traffic. According to HubSpot, simply adding a video to an email boosts click-through rate by a staggering 200–300 percent, and putting one on a landing page increases conversion rate by 80 percent.  Done well, video marketing produces amazing results.

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Little, data-driven insights like this one are one of the many kinds of tweaks we make every day to improve clients’ results.  It’s all part of a fully integrated, customized Digital Strategy Playbook™  Contact us at to have one made for you.   

Trend:  Retargeting Is Driving an Increase in Programmatic Ad Spend.  One of the biggest areas of expected digital ad spend growth in the coming years is programmatic.  According to eMarketer, spend by travel and hospitality brands on programmatic advertising will jump from $36.8 billion in 2017 to $58.6 billion in 2019 and $65.6 billion in 2020. —

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Targeting, Messaging, Timing and Frequency all contribute to a successful marketing outcome.  Retargeting is one more tactical part of a strong Digital Strategy PlaybookTM   To learn more, contact us at           

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