Digital Trends and Takeaways – November 2017

From the Thought Leadership Team at USDM Digital®

WHAT’S TRENDING in Digital Marketing

TRENDMobile Video Ads Boom on Facebook.  Advertisers, especially Retailers, are pouring money into mobile video ads on the Facebook platform.  Spending on those types of units was up a whopping 40% from the third quarter of 2016 to the third quarter of this year. Increasingly, however, direct-response advertisers – e-commerce marketers especially – are leveraging mobile video to drive new and repeat purchases.  —  Digital New Daily

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Online audience behavior has significantly shifted regarding content consumption.  The empowering demand for content keeps increasing while busy schedules and many choices shorten consumption time.  The result: consumers now quickly scan eye-catching online content.  What’s eye-catching?  Compelling headlines trump long form copy.  Color images trump headlines.  Video trumps all (for now).  Marketers will constantly evolve their content strategies to attract consumers.

TRENDThe ubiquity of technology has changed the way Americans work and approach downtime. According to a new report from Project: Time Off, The Tethered Vacation, most employees (46%) report that they check in with work occasionally during vacation while smaller percentages are logging on frequently (27%) or taking the step to entirely unplug (27%).

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  More and more, we are all digitally connected 24-7-365.  This underscores the absolute must for every commercial interest to have their marketing live in mobile digital formats.  For consumers, this underscores the double-edged sword of digital dependency.

TRENDGoogle to Cut Off Data to Third-Party Travel Websites. Google is pulling back a software tool that allows companies to access search information on airlines through a feed that provides data on air travel from its search engine, along with a tool that enables consumers to get price-drop alerts. — Media Post

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Your business relies heavily on data, or does it?  Are you collecting the right data and maximizing it in your marketing strategy?  Data is the world’s new currency for commerce.

TRENDMicrosoft plans to begin selling its HoloLens mixed-reality headset in 29 additional markets around the world. The HoloLens overlays data onto real life, providing users productive information about their environment, from instruction manuals to tour guides to infotainment.   Travel leaders are gearing up to use Augmented Reality (AR) as a marketing tool for enticing visitors to destinations, museums, attractions, and events.  AR is predicted to significantly change the travel and tourism industry in the next few years. — USDM Digital®

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Augmented Reality (AR) is poised to be a major disruptor in many industries, in part because of the fast and massive consumer adoption that will avalanche AR into the marketplace and set a newer, even higher bar of expectation.  AR business strategy discussions and planning are increasing the demand for consultants who can guide the process.  Contact us at for assistance in assessing how AR can impact your bottom line.

TRENDConsumers Trust Each Other (in Social Media) More than Brands.  One of the big ideas behind the rise of social media marketing is that a personal endorsement of a product or service by a friend will necessarily carry more weight in individual purchase decisions than a promotional message from the brand itself, according to a new study by a research team including academics at Northeastern University and the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Overall, the study found that messages delivered via owned social media were less likely to increase purchase intent than messages delivered via earned social media. Owned social media was effective in raising brand awareness and customer satisfaction. — University Study

USDM Digital® Take-Away:  Baby boomers buying decisions being influenced by recommendations from friends and family has long been replaced by Millennials buying decisions being influenced by similar mentions in social media.  The market and the medium have shifted.  Are your marketing strategies in line?



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