EDOs are Budgeting for Crucial Digital Strategies, Content and Marketing

Digital Marketing is Now Important to Site Selection Process

As many economic development organizations start their planning process for the upcoming fiscal year, many are asking how to determine and prioritize which digital programs will be most effective to complement their traditional marketing (trade shows, mission trips, etc.)

The prevalent use of digital devices (laptop, mobile) and digital channels (search engines, websites, social media, email) for research, inquiry, content, marketing, and even analysis, is so mainstream now, that it is essential. The speed, ease, efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness of digital content, marketing, and now, analytics, is so powerful that it is dramatically disrupting industries, business models, decision making, marketing programs and budget planning.

Understandably, many decision-makers are uncomfortable with the dramatic shift to this “whole new world” of communications and business strategies, but for those who grab on, the rewards are enormous. Taking action on the digital front can arm you with important, valuable, and actionable insights, and leapfrog you ahead of slower adapting competitors.

Planning and Budgeting for Digital Marketing entails a lot of Important Considerations

EDOs Budgeting for Crucial Digital StrategiesDigital strategies, tactics, and priorities have evolved so quickly (because of how powerful they are) that many marketers strain to keep up with what to do.

The good news is you don’t have to do this alone. USDM Digital® has been consulting and guiding brands, companies, and governmental entities through the process of adapting to the digital world for more than 25 years. It is not daunting when you have experienced and knowledgeable advisors to guide the process.

The best first step is an analysis of where you are and where you want to be. We proceed with a more informed discussion of goals and budgets that result in recommendations that can be executed by your staff, ours, or as is most often the case, a combination of both.

With the complex and ever-changing nature of marketing, coupled with limited time and staff bandwidth, committing to digital may not have been a priority for your organization in the past. But, as digital marketing increasingly plays a critical role in the executive site decision-making process, now is the ideal time to commit to adopting programs that accomplish your economic development goals.

Some considerations you and your marketing team should be discussing:

  1. What recent investment have you made into your digital assets?
  2. Has that investment provided better data and intelligence?
  3. Are you looking to reach specific industries, geographies, and groups through more precise methods than subscription numbers?
  4. How are your blog posts, eNewsletter, and social media posts performing? Are they generating engagement?
  5. What tactics are your competitors deploying?

Caution — going it alone and trying to invest in a few digital tactics can have advantages, but also comes with significant risks if not properly evaluated and connected through a well thought-through strategic plan. Interconnecting your content across multiple channels maximizes effectiveness. Capturing data and measuring results play a significant role in the value outcome.

Unless you approach the adopting of digital tactics with the same strategic perspective that you use for your organization, the impact those tactics have will be minimal and your marketing efforts will not realize the true value of a digital program.

Regardless of whether your goals for digital marketing are to improve the functionality of your website, increase and track inquiries, monitor your competitor’s marketing efforts, push into new markets, or implement a successful co-op program with partners, a digital strategy is the best approach for long-term success.

If your organization would like to collaborate on the many ways digital can connect all of your economic development activities and how to properly budget for a successful digital program, contact Clifford Ward – cward@usdmdigital.com – to schedule a free consultation to help focus and prioritize your digital efforts for the upcoming fiscal year.


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