How Integrated Digital Innovates EDO Lead Generation – Part 2

Part #2 of 4 - How Audience Behavior Has Evolved

How Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) attract qualified leads has changed significantly because integrated digital communications have dramatically changed how people find, use and share information.  EDO Leaders who embrace and leverage these changes can outdistance their competitors.  This is the second in a four-part series of articles detailing how digital marketing has reinvented EDO Lead Generation.  Article 1 addressed how branding has changed.  This article addresses how your audiences have changed. 

Consumer online behavior has dramatically changed.

Digital innovations have empowered users to dictate how information is found, distributed and consumed.  They actively engage with brands and demand customized services. Successful organizations listen and respond. Today’s audiences and prospects are more informed about you and your competition. 

Audience Search Behavior has changed.

How your webpage ranks in Google is critical and new human behavior has changed how search engines determine ranking.  Years ago, keywords on the page were the calculation used in ranking.  Now, more conversational searches, voice search, the presence of social network links, images, videos (all things consumers now want) affect ranking. Most brands give up on SEO and buy all of their traffic. Paid search advertising (keywords, banner ads, etc. on search engine results pages) accounted for roughly $35 billion in 2016 according to the IAB (International Advertising Bureau). You can organically rank your brand in Google without having to buy all your traffic to the site. Ask us.

Changes in online audience behavior require updated Content Strategies and distribution.

To engage prospects, community partners, and stakeholders, content strategies must be up to date and that means significant changes within the last year.  “One size fits all” websites no longer measure up to new standards for content consumption, branding, and engagement.

Prospects Have Higher Expectations and Shorter Attention Spans

Audiences respond to headlines that grab their attention. Brands must monitor and listen to their audiences to focus on providing the right content for brand engagement.  Users are no longer satisfied with long lists of information or drop-down menus. Audience demand for headlines, bite-size interactive content and video continues to rise. There is a right way to achieve this and turn a normal website into a content marketing and branding machine. If you have a menu style website you will need to update to the right content model for distribution.

Personalized Content is King

Content must be timely, geared to specific personas and tailored to their needs; quick, catchy headlines with an image and then click-to-more if they want it.

Users want bite-size headlines and to control the amount of additional details they need. The enormous amount of information available has resulted in audiences now wanting more condensed, bite-sized, interactive content and video.

Your digital audiences actively search for information through multiple online platforms and channels, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, News Sites, Blogs, and many more.  Almost 60 percent of Google searches are now done on a mobile device.

Engaging and Telling the Brand Story Online is Important to Winning Business

Progressive EDOs have a content strategy for engaging their prospects and audiences where they spend time, in the many various social networks.  What matters most is providing value to your audience. Value generates attention, social shares, raised brand awareness, trust, engagement, and sales.


Four audience-mandated requirements in content strategy are:  mobile compliance, search engine compliance, presence in social networks, and content formatted for new consumer tastes and demands.  These requirements are dictated by how digital audiences want to (and do) consume information and they need to align with a comprehensive digital strategy.

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