Look What You Might Have Missed by Looking in the Wrong Direction


You may already analyze Big Data, integrate lots of consumer tracking, and have metrics around all of your marketing and advertising spend. But what if you have been tracking and looking in the wrong direction? What if you have been applying the wrong data to your strategy?

Today, influencing your customers and prospects wherever they are is increasingly important. But what if your brand messaging, calls to action, promotions, and offers are not aimed in the right direction? Could all your metrics, tracking, and big data be short-sighted?

In today’s competitive, multi-channel, multi-platform world, you need to have a clear picture of who your customers and prospects are, where they are, what content they consume and how.

Consider using “micro level” data as first steps in determining what messages will influence your customers to act.  Micro level data can be captured from real time market intel and offer valuable, actionable insight. Big Data just doesn’t show you the micro level you need in order to develop a more successful strategic plan.

The problem with Big Data is that it is just that — Big “Macro Data.”

At Orange142, we prefer to operate from a perspective of Big Data>Micro Data> Micro Strategy to assess more influences that can move the needle at the conversion level. Using a system of Micro Data>Micro Strategy, we start with Real Time Market Intel to test everything for a client from messaging to conversion strategy. Without the real time market intel, casting a net too wide is more likely. Including it helps you develop a tighter strategy and sometimes points you in an entirely different direction from Big Data alone.

One example of Macro vs Micro data lies in a recent client study, where we were asked to analyze the paid advertising website traffic of a North American manufacturer trying to generate leads to retailers. Using real time market intel resulting in micro data, we determined that the traffic generated by their media company was not converting because the prospects’ income levels were indexing too low to afford the product. We applied Micro Strategy to develop a very successful program they had not thought of; and with our market Intel, we started a branding and marketing program that shows significant ROI for them.

Yes, I do like to look at the big picture, but you might want to start talking internally about Micro Data and Micro Strategy vs Big Data. I use this approach on any type of engagement, whether it is branding, direct-to-consumer modeling, go-to-market strategy or anything else.

I believe Micro Data > Micro Strategy works well in companies today and has a solid place in the future of digital advertising.

Leah Woolford
Founder USDM and Orange142

Since 1993 and the very beginnings of the commercial internet, USDMDigital.com founder Leah Woolford has been a leading-edge digital marketing strategist abreast — and often ahead — of the continuously evolving technologies, digital innovations, trends, behaviors, and interactive marketing strategies and tactics. Orange142, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the newest standard for a digital advertising and technology company that provides real-time data and analytics to digital media buys to maximize targeted audience reach and digital advertising spend for companies, agencies, and marketing teams.

Find out how Orange142 can add jet fueled performance enhancement to your media plan. Contact us at info@Orange142.com or 512.782.0281

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