Social Marketing without Connected Data Is Not Really Social Marketing

New technology and real-time data are driving great efficiencies and value in digital marketing, especially social media marketing.

Innovative new technologies can positively impact data management, marketing automation, content distribution, customer experience, sales funnel conversion, performance analytics and more.

Social media marketing has leaped to the forefront of digital marketing tactics for many companies. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and StumbleUpon can increase the exposure of your business and help you gain new customers. More than half of small business owners in the US say social media is their primary digital marketing tool. Fortune 500 companies use social media for customer reach, engagement, service, retention and remarketing. Data-driven, technology-run, social media marketing can exponentially expand your ability to attract and keep customers. But the problem for marketers is measuring and articulating the real value of the social strategy to boards and stakeholders. This problem translates to inadequate budgets for marketing teams.

When your social strategy is data-driven, you have turned the corner on showing the real value of your marketing efforts.

For social budgets to compete in the marketing budget, quantifiable data is critically important to proving value creation. We all want more budget because we know we can do more. When you focus on connected data management to power your social media marketing, you gain outstanding opportunities to maximize efficiencies, reach new customers, and increase revenue. Data will inform your marketing decisions, as well as quantify the value of your program.

While technology can maximize and simplify specific processes, the tech choices are complex. Seamless integration across multiple platforms is essential, yet can be challenging sometimes. Some tools are free, some are costly, but ultimately you get what you pay for and you should not pay for any more than you need.

The key to turbo-charging your social media marketing is using technology that delivers a seamless, connected data management and marketing solution customized for your specific business and program.

Where do you start upgrading your program to be more impactful? Who do you ask? Which do you choose? What will it cost? How hard will it be to implement with your staff and current systems? Do we insource or outsource?  How long will it take to see real impact?

Some questions to ask your marketing staff:

  • Are your current social media marketing efforts as effective as they could be?
  • Is your technology informing your decisions?
  • Are you getting quick and easy insights or do you have to dig through disparate reports and tools to aggregate data and reports?
  • What tools are you using to monitor and assess results?
  • Are we measuring performance accurately?
  • How does our social media presence rank against that of our top competitors?

In attempting to answer these important questions and determine best technologies to use, many C-level managers encounter as many recommendations as people they ask. Marketing managers have their favorites. Technology vendors swear theirs is the best. But what is most important is “what is right for your business goals, budget, staff and infrastructure.”  In our opinion, what will give you the most positive impact NOW?  We call it the power of NOW.

One effective and prudent approach is to engage a qualified, third party, digital marketing consultant that has deep technology and marketing strategy experience. They should be qualified to assess products and data management. They should not be a software sales company. Most importantly, you want to engage a digital marketing consultant that can work collaboratively with your team to identify your challenges and opportunities in your current marketing and assess your current systems.

The goal is to implement a strategy and technology plan that delivers a seamless, connected, data management and marketing automation solution customized for your specific business goals, budget, current staff and infrastructure – and scalable to where you want the program to grow in the future.

OK, here comes the shameless plug…USDM can help. Our consulting services began at the dawn of Facebook. We address B2B or B2C social strategy for branding, engagement, your competitive set (this is more important than most marketers realize), and much more.

The resulting Report is often eye-opening and in concert with what your marketing team wants and needs. Subsequent recommendations may include updating software, processes, staged implementation, assisted oversight, or even advanced training, to get your business or organization digitally “data-connected” so you can maximize your reach, efficiencies and return on your social marketing investment. These are all options you want to have when you are making the decisions about social media strategy.

Today’s data-driven, uber-connected, networked world offers new challenges and opportunities, which are transformative, important, certain to occur, and achievable. The rewards are rich. But oversight can be devastating to those left behind.

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