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A Social Media Playbook is Your Guide to Success with Social

With a wild 2016 now behind us and an exciting 2017 starting to take shape, digital strategy consultant USDM ( presents its five digital trends in economic development for 2017.  We believe your organization should be considering these trends to best take advantage of all the opportunities before your area this year.

For economic development organizations, social media presents an incredible opportunity to create real, and permanent, engagement with stakeholders, constituents, and potential prospects. Whether LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook, if leveraged correctly a B2B (business-to-business) strategy in social media can optimize your organization’s digital presence. With a B2B Social strategy your organization has a resource that can strengthen your BRE program’s engagement with your local businesses, maintain relationships with site consultants, and function as an ongoing digital familiarization tour.

The advantages of social media for economic developers are enormous and the barrier for effective entry is very low. With nearly 1.8 billion active users worldwide, and 79% of all online Americans, Facebook is the biggest social network on the web, both in terms of name recognition and total number of users. The reach, and activity, of Facebook means that your EDO should being leveraging this platform to compliment the digital activity of your website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

To engage with their targeted audiences on social media today’s progressive EDOs are successfully implementing B2B social media strategies to enhance their value, reach, and effectiveness.

The key to social media success is a plan; a Social Media Playbook.
USDM’s Social Media Playbook is a comprehensive plan that analyzes your social media presence, evaluates your competitors’ social media, assesses your social media strengths, identifies opportunities for improvement, and develops the tactics to reach your defined targeted audience.

Understanding the identified audience, USDM works with your team to develop the key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring your social media success. These KPIs for success can focus on generating more engagement from local businesses, creating ongoing awareness from prospective business, or leveraging your community ambassadors to expand your brand’s visibility across others’ social media. Your custom Social Media Playbook provides you a strategy to reach the right audiences with the best content to maximize your brand’s social engagement, extend your brand reach, and report measurable ROI.

With more and more prospects using more than one of the five main social media platforms having a limited social media presence does not guarantee success. Your economic development organization can secure a strong foothold in B2B social media by having a planned social media presence that allows for effective activity through engagement across all social media platforms. Similar to your organization’s strategic plan putting in place a Social Media Playbook can remove any skepticism you have of these powerful resources and create meaningful and lasting engagement.

To learn more about how social media can be leveraged for EDOs or to inquire about a Social Media Playbook for your organization, contact Clifford Ward, Managing Director of Client/Partner Development for USDM at USDM is based in Austin, Texas


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