The Importance of Email & Social Marketing in Brand Strategy

The most successful brands have a system in place that integrates a multitude of marketing efforts to establish a stellar customer experience. Those that practice this holistic view of digital marketing are more likely to have strong strategies set in place that impact both their social media and email marketing tactics.

When a company has adopted a holistic approach, customer connections are strengthened. The digital space has shifted over the years to the point of consumers expecting a personalized experience during initial engagement and continued engagement with a brand. The problem is, a countless number of brands are not providing this type of engaging experience across their marketing efforts, which is ultimately impacting their bottom line.

What’s the solution?

As spending patterns evolve, brand to consumer relations should evolve

eMarketer_Mobile_Devices_Owned_by_US_Internet_UsersAccording to eMarketer, 81% of Internet users in the U.S. own a smartphone device, meaning the majority of the population have more access than ever to their favorite brands through the web, social media and email. As the emergence of new technologies and new communication features continue to evolve, it’s important to understand the audiences your brand wants to reach and with whom you are already engaging.

The idea of being connected 24/7 has come to fruition and consumers expect brands to do the same. With the robust functionality of social media targeting and constant algorithm changes made on social channels, it’s important for brands to stay connected with users and reach them with engaged messaging through all digital resources. Developing and maintaining a meaningful connection with customers creates brand loyalty and an experience that goes beyond clicks and shares. By taking the next step of evolving your brand-to-consumer relationship, brands will be rewarded with more insight and a better understanding of what their consumers want to see and interact with.

Optimizing Emails for Social & Social for Emails

Email marketing efforts can help increase engagement tremendously on social media by reinforcing other spaces where subscribers can interact with your brand, for specific promotions, inside looks or deals, and most importantly demonstrating an active social community.

When integrating your email subscribers into your social media marketing strategies, consider uploading your subscriber lists to your active social channels like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Brands can utilize these uploaded subscriber lists to reach current subscribers on social media, run promoted social media campaigns to those who are already interested in your brand, creating customer lists, or creating lookalike audiences based on the most specific targeting options.

Uploading your subscriber lists will help put a face to your email subscribers. It will also provide better social listening and allow you to learn what they are interested in, what they are sharing, and what they are talking about. From these insights, a brand will gain more subscriber data that will help craft better emails as well as social media messaging. 

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