Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay in front of the 2018 web design curve. While some trends are fleeting and experimental, the trends outlined below are grounded in improving the user’s experience and thus increase the chances of return visits. Below are five of the best trends that you can expect to see in 2018.

1:  Clean & Simple Layouts

Every day the internet is flooded with hundreds of thousands of new websites. We’re constantly exposed to more and more stimuli, and it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose a sense of clarity and direction. In 2018, simplified layouts will rule. Making the site’s experience more streamlined and targeted with easier site navigation and use is a not only beneficial to the user but also can result in higher traffic and potential ROI. This is accomplished by keeping people on a site longer with less stress and more enjoyment of an uncluttered, easy-to-use site. In addition to aesthetics, simplified websites have faster loading times and adapt easier to numerous display sizes which results in less frustration not only for users but creators as well.

2: More Genuine Imagery, Video, & Articles

A big trend in 2018 will be the increased use of genuine imagery, video, and articles. The use of original content helps brands stand out from the crowd and helps solidify an original look and feel that strengthens the brand identity and creates a memorable experience for the users. While stock imagery and video will continue to have their place in web design for certain applications, in 2018 original content will reign supreme. Visitors are returning to websites for new content. To keep relevant and to beat out competitors an emphasis must be made to produce original and exciting content on a regular basis. Whether the content is articles, video or photography, new content is what will keep visitors coming back for more.

3: Utilizing SVG graphics for logos and Icons

Due to the increasing multitude of screen resolutions and pixel densities, logos and icons can become pixelated and unattractive. SVGs or Scalable Vector Graphics have the ability to scale and adapt to any screen resolution and pixel density so logos and icons always look sharp. In addition to looking better than raster graphics, SVGs do not slow down a website due to HTTP requests. SVGs can also be animated using JavaScript and CSS.

4: Bottom Sticky Navigation

As mobile continues to be the number one platform for internet use, the need to adapt accordingly is imminent. The natural way mobile phones are held caters to navigation items being anchored to the bottom rather than the top which is currently the norm carried over from desktop platforms. Bottom anchored navigation can be easily accessed with the thumb and there’s no need to readjust one’s grip, making a more comfortable experience for the user. Keep an eye out for this trend in 2018 and beyond.

5: Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors will continue to be a very popular stylistic treatment on 2018. These colors create a sense of excitement and energy while also having the ability to add to a unified brand experience. While utilizing bright colors can help you stand out, they should be used with caution. Do not use bright text over bright backgrounds as this will cause visual vibration and can cause eye tension. Some of the specific ways you will see bright colors is in the use of duo-tone images and gradients which have both been very popular in 2017 and we predict will continue to gain popularity in 2018.

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