TRENDMore than four in 10 Americans (42 percent) plan to take a vacation in 2017, according to recent research from AAA, and nearly one-third of American adults (30 percent) say they are more likely to take a vacation this year than compared to 2016.

USDM Take-Away: Pent-up demand and increasing consumer confidence in a good economy are adding up to a stellar year for travel.  Now is the time to get your digital strategy, budget, and marketing plan finalized. The key to tapping into the demand is market segmentation driven by Smart Data.  We can help consult you on these digital advantages.

TRENDConsumers are cutting back spending on many material goods in favor of spending on ‘experiences’. This trend is particularly strong among the millennial generation of people between the ages of 18 and 34 and is particularly suited to benefitting the Travel industry.

USDM Take-Away: More and more travel and tourism marketers are seeing their client base shift to Millennials, who have now become the largest US demographic and bring to the marketplace a fresh set of priorities, desires, and methods for researching, communicating and purchasing, all heavily invested in digital channels.  Are you speaking to them in the way they want to listen? Are you utilizing the digital channels they pay attention to or are you guessing? We can help you verify where you get the most bang for your marketing buck and how to reduce wasting your funds.

TREND: Mobile Trends

  • More than 40% of visits to U.S. travel sites now come from mobile devices. — US Travel
  • 148.3 million bookings were made online last year, and 65% of same-day hotel reservations were made via a smartphone, according to eMarketer.
  • Of survey respondents that used their smartphone for travel activities in the previous 30 days, 35% looked at “things to do” and “tourist info” before visiting a destination, according to a Think with Google /IPSOS survey.
  • More than $1 Billion Purchased by Mobile Devices on Black Friday.  Online shoppers in the U.S. made $1.2 billion of purchases via their phones and tablets on Black Friday, marking the first billion-dollar mobile shopping day in U.S. history, according to estimates from Adobe Digital Insights. The estimate equaled more than 30 percent of all online sales that day and marks a 33 percent increase over last year’s mobile sales total for the day.

USDM Take-Away:  The convenience of having 24-7-365 mobile, instant access to search, discover, review, share, and even purchase what you want is now the American normal.  If your website, content, marketing, and ecommerce are not compatible across all mobile brands and platforms, your risk being invisible.  If you are unsure of your mobile content compatibility, contact us for an assessment.  Leading with Mobile is a MUST.

TRENDIn the U.S. alone, travelers spend an astounding 8.7 billion minutes per month interacting with digital travel content, a 41% increase year over year, indicating that digital travel content is increasingly important to travel consumers, according to The Traveler’s Path to Purchase study, commissioned with comScore.

USDM Take-Away:  The increase in mobile use, travel likelihood, mobile travel content, and long planning all contribute to people spending more time with travel content (text, video, virtual reality) – yours…and your competitors.  Are you following how your content is trending? Are you using Smart Data to verify which content resonates with which audiences? You don’t have to guess anymore. Data will give you the market intelligence to inform the very best marketing decisions.

TREND52% of travelers said that social media influenced a change in their travel plans, while 80% are more likely to book a trip from a company “liked” by a friend than a conventional Facebook ad.

USDM Take-Away: Several years ago, the leading source consumers cited for travel   recommendations was “Friends and Family.”  This has transitioned from conversations and emails to digital and social media as US consumers now enjoy posting and seeing photos, stories, reviews, and recommendations on several social media platforms that they access multiple times a day, mostly from a mobile device.  Social Media Marketing has become a very important, valuable and influential channel that should be part of your budget and plan. Call us for a consultation on how to get the most from Social    Media and how to measure the ROI.

TREND:  Travel Industry digital ad spending projected to be $6.77 Billion in 2017, $7.52 Billion in 2018, and grow to $8.90 Billion by 2020 at a 12.5% compound annual growth rate¸ according to eMarketer.com.

USDM Take-Away:  Travel marketing media budgets continue their shift from offline media (broadcast, print, outdoor) predominance to digital taking the lead with more than 50 percent of budgets.  What percentage of your tourism marketing budget is allotted to digital, social, mobile, and search, versus broadcast, magazines, and newspaper?  We offer a complimentary analysis that can help determine the effectiveness of your current advertising media spend and clarify how budget reallocation can positively impact return on investment.


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